About Us

"Manifest my Dreams" is your gateway to everyday magic by offering easy to use manifestation kits that enhance one's connection to the Universe and manifest your deepest desires.

Note from the Founders:

Our journey with manifestation began way back in our teens when we first read the Secret.

We have individually witnessed beautiful miracles in our lives by applying the Universal laws mentioned in it.

Being passionate about mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation, we wanted to spread this magical message universally in an easy to use regular, sustainable format.

Hence our Manifestation Kits were born.

These kits have been designed to help you harness the infinite potential of the Universe in a systematic, disciplined manner.

We have drawn upon our personal rituals combining Crystals, Candles, Journaling and Tea manifestations which have helped us manifest miracles everyday.

Praying that this mindfulness journey is as magical for you as it has been for us.

Happy Manifesting!