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Manifest My Dreams

Guided Manifestation Journal Combo

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Elevate your manifestation journey with our impactful fusion, featuring 1 Yellow Page Guided Manifestation Journal, 1 Yellow Page Unguided Daily Manifestation Journal, and a bonus MasterClass.

Guided Manifestation Journal:
- Engage in visionary exercises.
- Receive daily affirmations and coaching.
- Craft a heartfelt letter to yourself.
- Experience guided practices for gratitude.
- Attract abundance with affirmations for Money, Love & the Moon.

Unguided Daily Manifestation Journal:
- Follow daily journaling instructions.
- Enhance your journey with Manifestation.
- Enjoy 120 premium yellow pages with luxurious gold leafing.
- Uplift your spirit with daily affirmations.

Choose your Daily Manifestation Journal cover from our diverse selection of five unique colors, that resonate with your essence.

Merge the power of Neuroscience with the enchantment of Law of Attraction techniques, and witness the magical transformation as your dreams seamlessly unfold into reality! Cheers to the joyous journey of manifesting your dreams! 🌟✨

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Manifestation Revolution: Daily and Guided Journals + Master Class Magic

A manifestation revolution! This combo is more than journals; it’s a comprehensive package for personal growth. Results speak for themselves.

Dream Enthusiast’s Toolkit: Guided Journal Combo Revelation

This combo is a dream for manifestation enthusiasts! The Guided Journal offers a unique approach, and the Daily Journal keeps me consistent.

Powerful Duo: Guided and Daily Journals + Master Class Magic

Two journals, one powerful combo! The Guided Journal adds depth, the Daily Journal provides structure, and the master class ties it all together.

Manifestation Obsession: Grounded by Daily Journal + Guided Insight

Obsessed with this combo! The Guided Journal brings a fresh perspective, and the Daily Journal keeps me grounded. It’s my manifestation secret.

Gems of Growth: Guided Journal Combo’s Unique Touch

Obsessed with this combo! The Guided Journal adds depth, and the 90-minute master class elevates my entire manifestation practice.