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Manifest My Dreams

Amazonite Bracelet- Hope & Truth Stone

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Amazonite is the stone of hope and truth. 

This beautiful blue-green crystal symbolizes the beauty and flow of the natural world and offers cooling, mystical energies.

It has a deep connection to the heart and throat chakra and offers a delightful glimpse of your own inner light if you have been feeling dark and heavy. Hold on tight to this uplifting crystal and you will soon be floating down your own river of tranquility.

Pure and natural Amazonite helps release toxic energy, revitalizes your center of communication and expression, and promotes ‘go-with-the-flow’ energy.

By connecting you to your intuition, this crystal helps you live a rich inner life and recognize your own unique gifts. 

Welcome Amazonite into your life to manifest your inner truth and live joyfully in harmony with your highest self.

Usage: Wear it on you on days when you need some guidance from the universe, or a calming, restful day and night. 

Note: All crystal bracelets are made with high quality natural stones and delivered with a certificate of authenticity and purity.