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Manifest My Dreams

Aura Collection | Mysa Soy Candles & Melts x Manifest My Dreams

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A special collaboration that has manifested a limited edited and exclusive scented pure soy candle gift set featuring three bespoke designs infused with crystal energies inspired to create a positive aura around you. 


Experience the inflow of fortune at your door with our Unlimited Abundance Candle. 

This luxurious Oud infused candle raises your vibrations to the frequencies of wealth and prosperity. 

Tigers eye aligns you powerfully with the frequency of Money in the Universe. It supercharges your solar plexus to help you manifest your wildest dreams into reality. 

Light the flame to awaken your inner manifestor and fill your life with loads of fortune and abundance. 


Balance your masculine and feminine energies with healing notes of mango coconut infused with Amazonite. 

Amazonite lights the flames of hope and positivity, while raising your vibrations and allowing powerful positivity to enter your aura. Soak in the feelings of faith, wisdom, harmony and serenity with its brilliant Amazonian blue. 


Experience the scent of love and intention in our COSMIC LOVE Candle. 

Light this to heal your Heart Chakra, let the notes of the romance filled cherry blossom aromas soothe your soul and allow the magic of love to flow into your aura. 

Rose Quartz is the most nurturing crystal of the crystal realm, pink candy tint in color, it strengthens all forms of love in one’s life from romance, family, friendships to self-love. 

It is ideal for peace, love, nurturing, compassion and happiness. 

These gorgeous pastel candles are perfect for festive gifting and bring a deep sense of positivity and peace to your manifestations. Get them while they last- limited stock only.