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Manifest My Dreams

Awaken Series

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If you’re ready to awaken your manifestations, this series of honest, impactful soul talk via bite sized audios is JUST for you.

Let Manifestation and Mindset Coach Sanaya take you on this uplifting journey and hype you up to remind you who you really are – with 7 signature downloads.

Sign up to lean into the edge and come out feeling like a goddamn Queen! Coach Sanaya is here to remind you of the UNSTOPPABLE power within you.

Awaken Series Audios:

- You Are The Storm

- I AM Worthy

- Success Mantra

- Future Self Activation

- Rich Is My Vibe

- Secret Fun Manifestation Technique

- Success & Wealth Subliminal Audio

- Limitless Gratitude

The Awaken Series is perfect for you if:
- You’re ready to unlock your dormant potential
- You feel you have an ‘unrealistic’ vision for your life that nobody around you gets
- You need just the recipe to utilize the power within you

Get ready to be the woman whose life is destined to become other people’s proof that BIG dreams are possible!

The complete series is emailed to you for on-demand listening.