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Black Tourmaline Bracelet- Protection & Cleansing

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Black Tourmaline is a stone of powerful protection and purifying qualities.

It is a crystal coveted for its ability to soak up, repel and banish negativity. As it is associated with the root chakra, Black Tourmaline is excellent for promoting balance, security and grounding in your life.

Whether it be protection from intrusive negative thoughts, harmful energies from other people or even EMF radiations from digital devices, this alluring black stone acts like a shield.

It is believed to endow great inner strength and help overcome challenging circumstances and harmful behaviors including substance abuse. The dazzling black stone keeps bad energy at bay.

Black Tourmaline also stimulates blood circulation and removes creative blocks. Welcome this beautiful crystal into your life to develop self-confidence and believe that you are worthy of receiving everything you desire.

Usage: Wear it or keep Black Tourmaline on you for daily protection or place it under your pillow to clear your head and sleep soundly.

Note: All crystal bracelets are made with high quality natural stones and delivered with a certificate of authenticity and purity.