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Manifest My Dreams

Black Tourmaline & Amazonite Bracelets Combo

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Wonderfully balanced combo of natural crystals to raise your vibrations and manifest your desires.

Amazonite: Stone of hope and truth that promotes optimism, self-expression and going with the flow. 

Black Tourmaline: Protection & purification crystal that absorbs and dispels negative energies. 

The wonderfully grounding qualities of Black Tourmaline balance out the intensely positive, confident energies of Amazonite and promote an objective outlook and intentional approach for accelerated manifesting. 

Usage: Wear both bracelets together or alternate in different variations based on your intuition and mood. Infused with positive energies that raise your vibes and help you maintain an abundant and secure mindset.

Note: All crystal bracelets are made with high quality natural stones and delivered with a certificate of authenticity and purity.