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Manifest My Dreams

Design Your Dream Year | Limited Edition Masterclass

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A 2-Day Bootcamp to manifest the best year EVER!

Access full recordings of sessions that are a potent combination of EFT, journaling, Universal laws, vision boarding & neuroscience techniques to manifest your dream year.

Harness the energy of the New Year and quantum leap to the best version of you!

Day 1- Reflect & Release

Reflect on the year gone by with Coach Sannaayaah

The year that could have been and was- reflecting on 2022 and limiting beliefs that got in the way. Eliminate your scarcity mindset and welcome abundance via journaling.

Introduction to EFT Tapping with Coach Jess Smith

Learn a powerful modality to release specific limiting beliefs, get over fears and stress. Let go of judgement and break out of patterns for good!

Day 2 – Create & Manifest

Goal Setting and Vision Boarding with Coach Saloni Suri

Detailed goal setting for 2023 with Coach Saloni Suri. Fire up the Neurocircuitry to dream BIG and increase the holding capacity of your brain. 

Coach will take you through a left brain and right brain activation exercise and help you dig deeper into your soul's purpose. Connect with your inner soul to unleash the storehouse of potential stored within you.

Vision Boarding and guided meditation to unlock limited abundance. Coach Saloni Suri takes you through whole brain exercises for goal manifesting in 2023. Manifest your dream business, exponentially multiply your income and build powerfully positive relationships in the most ALIGNED year of your life!


  • Access to full recordinga of the 2 day Bootcamp recording 
  • Design Your Dream Year workbook

Start the year strong and be epically aligned with your intentions!

IMPORTANT-The course will expire from the link on the 1st of FEB 2023.We request our customers to study the course accordingly.