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Manifest My Dreams

Howlite-Pink Opal Bracelet.

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Heart & Crown Chakra - Healing - Love - Balance

Pink Opal has a gentle frequency that helps to calm and soothe your emotional body- clearing and calming your heart to bring a sense of peace, love and hope

Howlite is a stone of deep emotional healing and connections. It is ideal to calm down angry tempers, soothe the mind and help us take decisions from a place of wisdom.

This combination is ideal in manifesting specially for those who get anxious and easily stressed. Manifesting is only every achieved when your mind, body and spirit are calm and balanced, and this is exactly what this combination helps in.


Affirmations : I allow myself to be intuitively guided. I am a portal of calmness, love and compassion. I give and receive unconditional healing frequencies all through the day.