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Manifest My Dreams

Manifestation Masterclass

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Access the power of the subconscious mind and turn around your life. Get this powerful Journaling MasterClass and immerse yourself in the energy of abundance, growth and magic!

If you are a go-getter who already has the desire, idea and strategy for success, Manifestation Coach Sannaayaah Baldota will help you transmit these ideas to your subconscious mind through EFFECTIVE, SCIENCE-BASED techniques.

Contents of the MasterClass:
⭐ The exact science behind journaling
New Moon Manifestation Ritual 🌕
⭐ Building the ideal vocabulary for journaling
⭐ How to create powerful high vibes while journaling
⭐ Create customised affirmations which are personal for your growth

The SUPERSTARS of this class:
⭐ Learn 2 types of journaling techniques

⭐ Structured Journaling with a masculine energy flow.

Think - Goals. Numbers. Timelines. Strategy. Execution. Decisions.

⭐ Intuitive Journaling with a feminine energy flow.

Think - Intuition. Gut feeling. Universal messages. Ideas. Creativity. Good vibes. Flow When yin & yang, masculine & feminine, creativity & execution, magic & strategy align together, is when you experience POWERFUL changes in your life. It’s when you quantum leap and things start aligning for you. When your ability to execute your brilliant ideas just multiplies. When your income doubles. When you attract soul mate colleagues, clients and mentors.

Unlock your power and bring your dream desires to life!

PLEASE NOTE: Recordings will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase. The recordings are available to hear on an unlimited basis for a period of 6 months 

*This is purely a recording. There is no 1:1 with Coach Sanaya involved in this. For further questions and manifestation guidance, you are free to book a 1:1 session with her  😊