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Manifest My Dreams

Love Illuminated (Rose and Howlite)

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Love is when the soul starts to sing & the flowers of your life bloom on their own. Embrace the feminine fusion of the unconditional rose love with the compassionate sensitivity of the milky white Howlite. allow this harmonious combination to open up your heart chakra while infusing aura with loving and soothing frequencies.

20% of the proceeds from your purchase will be going towards Manray Foundation, a Mumbai based non profit independently working in the field of rural education and spoken English skills.


1. Attract love, positivity and compassion
2. Inner peace, relaxation and a calm, happy aura
3. Strengthen existing relationships with more positivity and gentleness 
4. Perfect combo to calm anxiety and aid in peaceful sleep


1. AAA+ quality rose quartz and howlite crystals
2. Export quality LOVE, floral and heart charms  

2. High vibe affirmations matching the energy of the bracelet 

3. Instructions on how to energise your crystal with your own intentions