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Manifest My Dreams

Daily Manifestation Starter Kit

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Begin your manifestation journey with our combo – a 90-minute pre-recording of Coach Sanaya Chaturvedi’s Manifestation Journaling Masterclass and a Daily Manifestation Journal in your desired color.

Unlock subconscious power through neuroscience and the Law of Attraction. Manifest unlimited growth with effective, science-based techniques from Coach Sannaayaah Chaturvedi. Learn structured and intuitive journaling for powerful life changes, aligning masculine and feminine energies. Quantum leaps into opportunities, multiplying your income effortlessly.

MasterClass Contents:
⭐ Science behind journaling
⭐ Daily Manifestation Ritual 🌕
⭐ The Secret: Laws of Attraction & Vibration
⭐ Generating high frequencies while journaling
⭐ Creating personalized affirmations for growth

Daily Yellow Page Manifestation Journal:

  • Premium Yellow Pages.
  • Luxury journal.
  • Affirmation bookmark.
  • Now comes in 5 different colours.
  • Daily affirmations.
  • 120 ruled pages.
  • Success meditation.
  • 30% discount only on Daily Manifestation Journal.
  • Instant access to a 90-minute Journaling Masterclass with special barcodes.
  • Scientifically supported by neuroscience, writing on yellow pages with red ink activates acetylcholine release, enhancing your subconscious mind. 🌟✨

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Disappointed with the product

Very high priced product and there is nothing inside except yellow ruled pages. I could have bought a ruled notebook from outside at 20 times lesser cost! Improve on quality.

Geetha G.

Daily Manifestation Starter Kit

Ajjay Agarwal
Excellent Product

well planned & organised fields in the book, helps alot to think, visualise, manifest & achieve,

good work team,
god bless

Varuna Sachdeva

Daily Manifestation Starter Kit

Kripa Trivedi
Community and Connection

Beyond teachings, the Manifestation Masterclass fosters a supportive community. Connecting with like-minded individuals enhances the entire experience. Truly uplifting!