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Manifest My Dreams

Daily Manifestation Starter Kit

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Special combo to get your started on your manifestation journey.

90 minute Recording of the signature Manifestation Journaling Masterclass with Coach Sanaya Chaturvedi, along with a hard copy of the Daily Manifestation Journal in your choice of colour.


Access the power of the subconscious mind and turn around your life. This class combines technical Neuroscience based brain rewiring with the powerful Law of Attraction methodology to manifest unlimited growth. Get this powerful Journaling MasterClass and immerse yourself in the energy of abundance, growth and magic!

If you are a go-getter who already has the desire, idea and strategy for success, Manifestation Coach Sannaayaah Baldota will help you transmit these ideas to your subconscious mind through EFFECTIVE, SCIENCE-BASED techniques.

Contents of the MasterClass:
⭐ The exact science behind journaling
⭐ Daily Manifestation Ritual 🌕
⭐ Detailed explanation of The Secret : Laws of Attraction & Vibration
⭐ How to generate powerful high frequencies while journaling
⭐ The EXACT method to create Customised Affirmations which are personal for your growth

The SUPERSTARS of this class:
 Learn 2 types of manifestation journaling techniques

1) Structured Journaling with a masculine energy flow.

Think - Goals. Numbers. Timelines. Strategy. Execution. Decisions.

2) Intuitive Journaling with a feminine energy flow.

Think - Intuition. Gut feeling. Universal messages. Ideas. Creativity. Good vibes. Emotions

When yin & yang, masculine & feminine, creativity & execution, magic & strategy align together, is when you experience POWERFUL changes in your life. It’s when you quantum leap and things start aligning for you. When your ability to execute your brilliant ideas just multiplies. When your income multiplies. When you attract soul mate colleagues, clients and mentors. When amazing opportunities just effortlessly flow into your life.

Unlock your power and bring your dream desires to life!


A luxurious and crisp addition to your daily manifestation rituals. Made with premium yellow pages to enhance your manifesting abilities (according to Neuroscience)

Choose from three high-vibe colours of the Daily Manifestation Journal for intentional scripting of your dream life. 

What’s Included:

  • 1 Luxury journal 
  • 1 affirmation bookmark
  • Gold wiro and gold leafing 
  • Daily high vibe affirmations on each page
  • 120 ruled premium yellow Maplitho pages 
  • 2 pages of affirmation sticker sheets
  •  Access to a special success and positivity meditation
  • Access to our signature 90 minute Journaling Masterclass ( pre recorded )
  • 40% Discount coupon for you next order!

* Note : Upon successful purchase, you will receive your order of the journal along with special barcodes which will give you instant access to the MasterClass and Meditation. All of this will be included in your order box.