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Manifest My Dreams

Manifestation Tea

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Each Manifest My Dreams Ritual was designed to enhance our custom manifestation steps, "See it. Speak it. Know it. Have it.", to help you manifest faster than ever.


Each of our teas are carefully blended together with a combination of different herbs to promote the feeling of relaxation, harmony and calmness. 

The teas are then exposed to high frequencies of chants, positive affirmations and high frequency as tea leaves are known to be the best absorbers of energies directed towards them. 

All our teas are blended using organic tea leaves and have the highest quality of herbs in them.


1. Choose a quiet pretty corner to sip your green tea

2. Play some light music, brew your tea and think of 3 things you are grateful for in the present 

3. Enjoy the moment, and allow your mind to visualize your dearest wishes all coming true. Watch your thoughts become a reality as you sip your tea.

4. This practise is enhanced with using crystals. Crystals are often used in the practice of manifesting because it helps direct the universe’s energy in your favor. Opt for your crystal HERE

Happy Manifesting :)