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Manifest My Dreams

Magical Alchemy (Amethyst)

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Discover your inner magic with the captivating power of amethyst. This mystical crystal is ideal for spiritual transformation, boosting intellectual clarity and greatly enhancing person's personality and attractiveness .Wear this “Magical Alchemy” bracelet with pride & let its enchanting energy inspire you to embrace your wisdom & trust your own power.

20% of the proceeds from your purchase will be going towards Manray Foundation, a Mumbai based non profit independently working in the field of rural education and spoken English skills.


1. Boost intuition, third eye powers and psychic abilities
2. Attract prosperity, fame and suc3. Develop a magnetic, highly attractive, confident personality
4. Dissolves, sadness, negativity and balances mood swings


1. AAA+ quality amethsyt crystals

2. High quality, aesthetic, gold coloured charms  

2. High vibe affirmations matching the energy of the bracelet 

3. Instructions on how to energise your crystal with your own intentions