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Manifest My Dreams

Wealth Flow (Citrine and Green Aventurine)

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Embrace your inner Light and bask in the abundant, prosperous energies of Green Aventurine & Citrine with its naturally radiant crystal, our "Wealth Flow Bracelet" serve as a beacon for opening up new opportunities. Usher In an era of prosperity and infuse your life with abundant optimism.
20% of the proceeds from your purchase will be going towards Manray Foundation, a Mumbai based non profit independently working in the field of rural education and spoken English skills.


1. Boosts feelings of positivity, optimism , joy and happiness
2. Brings plenty of good luck and new opportunities
3. Attracts new avenues of cash flow
4. Feel good, high vibe, ultra positive combo


1. AAA+ quality citrine and greel adventuring crystals

2. High strength wealth boosting charms  

2. High vibe affirmations matching the energy of the bracelet 

3. Instructions on how to energise your crystal with your own intentions